Leodegrance of Cameliard

Ladugan, Laudugan, Leodagan, Leodegan, Leodegance, Leodeganes, Leodegans, Leodegant, Leodegar, Leodegon, Leodegran, Leodegrance, Leodegreaunce, Lodegreance

King of Cameliard, father of Guenevere and Genievre, Leodegrance held in his house the Round Table, which he recieved from Uther Pendragon.

He was not involved in the rebellion of the kings at Arthur’s accession, possibly because he already had his hands full with King Ryons. Leodegrance appealed for Arthur’s help against Ryons; Arthur came, bringing with him his allies Ban of Benwick and Bors of Gannes, and succored Cameliard.

At this time Arthur first saw Guenevere. When Arthur later requested her hand in marriage, Leodegrance was honored and delighted. Casting about in his mind for a gift that would please his new son-in-law, Leodegrance reasoned that

he hath lands enow, him needeth none; but I shall send him a gift shall please him much more, for I shall give him the Table Round,

together with a hundred knights.

King Leodegrance’s Family and Retainers


Daughter (by wife of seneschal)

King Arthur


Bertholai, Garaunt, Guy (Guenevere’s cousins)