1. Brown Earl

    A ruler who fell in love with Enid (Enide) when he met her during her distressing journey with Geraint. He threatened to kill Geraint unarmed in order to take Enid, but Enid convinced him to abduct her during the night instead. Then, in their quarters, she warned Geraint of the plan so that they could escape. The Brown Earl pursued them, but Geraint defeated him in combat.

    He is known in Chrétien's Erec as Galoain.

  2. Brown Family

    A family of mighty knights who thrived in Uther Pendragon's day, each bearing the surname le brun ('the Brown'). These knights included Brannor, Bruhault, Brun, Ellain, Galehaut, Hector, Hubaus, Riger, and Segurant. Of these, Galehaut, Hector, and Segurant were the most renowned.

    The Browns were descended from Brutus, first king of Britain, through Albanact. Their home was in the Brown Valley, though some of them ruled the Savage Realm.

  3. Brown Knight Without Pity

    The Brown Knight had a castle somewhere in the vicinity of the Duke de la Rowse, and his hobby was slaying other knights and imprisoning their ladies. He had thirty widows captive in his castle. Gareth came by and slew him, liberated the castle and sent the ladies to Camelot.

    If he had not been slain, one could have identified him with Breuse Sans Pitie, whose original name was Brun ("Brown").

  4. Brown Rock

    A castle in Scotland where Arthur's Sir Fergus defeated a horrible giant - the husband of a hag which Fergus had previously slain. Fergus took up temporarily residence in the castle afterwards.

  5. Brown Valley
    Val Brun

    Home of the "Brown" family of mighty knights, including Segurant the Brown and Galehaut the Brown.

    Tristan (Tristram) and Lancelot traversed the valley during their adventures. Its castle was called Vallebrun.