1. Brun

    Lord of the Savage Realm.

    He was a descendant of Brutus, the first Briton, and an ancestor of the famous knights of the "Brun" family (Segurant, Hector, Galehaut). Brun was the son of Arbrun and Vagés, the husband of Lye, and the father of Hector, Brun, Lore, and Ysille (Ysile). By the daughter of a giant, he also had another son named Hector.

  2. Brun

    Descendant of Brutus and ancestor of the famous knights of the "Brun" family. He was the son of Brun and Lye, the husband of Pamphille, and the father of Yrlande and Gialle.

  3. Brun

    A giant who attacked Britain and was killed by Uther Pendragon.

  4. Brun

    A knight slain by Gawaine. He was the son of Urpin of the Mountain and the brother of the Lady Bloisine. His sister plotted to avenge his death but ended up falling in love with Gawaine.

  5. Brun Brandalis

    One of Perceval's eleven paternal uncles in Perlesvaus. He was the third son of Gais the Large and the brother of Alain. Both Brun Brandalis and his son were slain at a young age.

  6. Brun of Branlant
    Bruns de Barlant, Brus of Bralant

    A vassal of Guiromelant, an enemy of Gawaine in the First Continuation of Chrétien's Perceval.

    When Guiromelant made peace with Gawaine by marrying his sister, Brun refused to submit to Arthur's rule. Arthur besieged his castle and eventually subdued him. When he agreed to become Arthur's vassal, Arthur gave him the cities of Quilini and Baradigan.

    In the Livre d'Artus, he is the seneschal of Lady Lore of Branlant.

  7. Brun of Gumiaus

    A knight in Arthur's service. He fought against the Saxons at the battle of Carhaix.

  8. Brun of Morrois
    Brun of Morois

    A knight who abducted Guenevere from Sir Yder, who was escorting the queen unarmed. Brun imprisoned Guenevere in his castle at Morrois.

    Arthur's Sir Durmart tracked him down, fought him, defeated him, and rescued the queen. Brun was sent to Arthur's court to do homage. He became Arthur's vassal.

    Brun's brother was named Sir Cardroain.

  9. Brun of Piciez

    Brun and his brother Grus the Wrathful, Knights of the Round Table, are among Arthur's knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec and Enide.

  10. Brun of the Heath

    A Cornish knight who abducted the paramour of the Pensive Knight.

    Gawaine tracked him down, rescued the lady, and sent Brun to Arthur's court. Brun became one of Arthur's knights.

  11. Brun the Felon

    An evil knight from Northumberland who is the father of Breus the Pitiless (Breuse Sans Pitie) in Palamedes.

    He is possibly identical to Arrouans the Felon, also named as Breus's father. He had a brother named Passehen and another son named Falquidés. Arthur killed him.