1. Perceval

      Father of Perceval in the Middle English Sir Perceval of Galles. He married Acheflour, Arthur’s sister. He was killed in battle by the Red Knight, prompting Acheflour to raise Perceval ignorant of knighthood and its dangers.

      He replaces Alain, Pellinore, and other characters in earlier Perceval stories.

    2. Perceval

      A knight who served King Pellinore. Pellinore named his son Perceval after him.

    3. Perceval of Wales
      Parcefal, Parceval, Parcevalle, Parcevau, Parcevax, Parcheval li Galois, Parcival, Parsifal, Parsival, Partzefal, Parzival, Perceval de Gales, - li Galois, - the Welshman; Percevale, Percevas, Percevax, Percevelle, Perchevael, Perchevaus, Perchevel, Perciauales, Percival, Percyvell, Peredur, Perlesvaus, Perlevax, Persevall, Persevax, Prenzival, Pressivalle, Prezzivale

      Known among Welsh sources as Peredur, Perceval appears to have been the invention of Chrétien de Troyes, for this is the earliest reference made to a character by this name. In German sources he is called Parsifal or Parzival.

      I have chosen to call him Percivale.