1. Camel

    A river in Cornwall.

    It begins in Bodmin Moor and empties into the sea near the town of Padstow. It is given by Geoffrey of Monmouth as the actual location of Camlann, where Arthur fought his final battle against Mordred. Constantine and Arthur were the only survivors. Constantine became king of Britain while Arthur was taken to Avalon by Morgan le Fay.

    Near its source is a town named Camelford, which Layamon specifies as the location of the final battle. Local legend places the battle at Slaughter Bridge, about one mile from Camelford. John Leland says that Arthur and Mordred clashed on the bridge and killed each other.

  2. Camel

    A knight from Northumberland.

    He loved Princess Hermondine of Scotland, but she was hesitant to marry him because of his disconcerting sleepwalking habit. He was eventually slain by Arthurís Sir Meliador, one of Hermondineís other suitors.