1. Henry

      The Alliterative Morte Arthure once names Henry as Yvain's father, probably intending Urien.

    2. Henry

      Father of Allebran and a vassal of King Ban of Benoic.

    3. Henry

      The Emperor of Germany, king of Cologne, and father of Laris and Lidoine, according to the romance Claris et Laris. Lidoine married Sir Claris.

    4. Henry II

      According to Etienne de Rouen, author of Draco Normannicus, the famed English monarch (reigned 1154-1189) corresponded with Arthur who, having been healed by Morgan, was immortal and living in an antipodal kingdom.

      Henry was in the process of conquering Brittany from Count Rollandus when Arthur sent a letter to Henry in an attempt to intervene on Rollandusís behalf. Arthur supposedly granted stewardship of Britain to Henry II, but retained ultimate sovereignty for himself. Henry ignored the letter and evidently suffered no consequences.

      The Post-Vulgate Merlin continuation notes that Henry II removed statues of Perceval and Clamadeu from the battlefield at Beaurepaire and stored them in his treasury at St. Lorent. According to Giraldus Cambrensis, it was Henry who told the Glastonbury monks where to find Arthurís body. Henry had apparently learned of the location from a bard.

    5. Henry of Huntingdon

      English chronicler (c. 1084-1155) and archdeacon of Huntingdon from 1109. In 1139 he visited Rome and compiled his famous Historia Anglorum (History of England) down to 1154.