Grand Ynde, Inde

This faraway country figures in a number of Arthurian romances. The Welsh Culhwch and Olwen seems to suggest that Arthur once campaigned in India, for Arthurís chief gatekeeper Glewlyd says that he was once in "India the Great" and "India the Lesser".

Wolfram, who calls the land Tribalibot, says it was ruled by Queen Secundille, then by Percevalís half-brother Feirefiz, and then by Feirefizís son Prester John.

In the Vulgate Merlin, "Greater India" is ruled by King Lac, whose seneschal, Minoras, assisted Arthur in the battles against the Saxons. In the Alliterative Morte Arthure and Malory, the land is allied to the Roman emperor Lucius, and soldiers from India participate in the war against Arthur. A similar situation is found in Claris et Laris, in which the ruler is Geremie.

In the Irish tale Eachtra an Mhadra Mhaoil, Gawain assists the Crop-Eared Dog, the son of the King of India, to regain human form.

In fact, in the Arthurian period, India was divided into a number of kingdoms.