1. Red Castle
      Vermeil Castle

      A castle conquered from Lord Serses by Sir Bors, who established a monastery on the site.

    2. Red Castle

      When a lord named Elain died, he left the Red Castle to his maiden daughter. Yvain the Black wanted to marry the maiden, and he besieged the castle when she refused. Guiron the Courteous came to the maidenís aid, defeated Yvain, and lifted the siege.

    3. Red Castle

      The home of the knights Hugh (Hue of the Red Castle) and Edward of the Red Castle. The knights had extorted a barony from the Lady of the Rock. This probably was somewhere in the marches of Wales.

    4. Red City
      Rouge Citiť

      The castle ruled by Sir Partinal, an enemy of Percevalís family. Perceval killed him there.

    5. Red City
      Cite Vermeille

      Esclamor is the ruler of this city.

    6. Red City

      A city on the Delectable Isle, off the east coast of Britain, ruled by King Armant.

      When two of Armantís protťgťs killed Armant and seized the city, Sir Palamedes avenged the deed, became lord of the Red City, and gave the city to Marin, Armantís brother.

      Phyllis Ann Karr thinks the Red City might be Kilnsea, if King Hermance's Delectable Isle is the Spurn Head peninsula in East Riding.

    7. Red City, King of the

      This king appears in Les Merveilles de Rigomer as an ally of Rigomer castle. Gawain defeated him during his battle to conquer the castle.

      In Chrťtien's Erec, Erec unhorsed him, along with his saddle and the reins of his bridle, in a mighty clash at the tournament between Evroic and Tenebroc. He may have inspired Hartmann's Roiderodes.

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    8. Red Cross
      Croix Roge

      A landmark outside King Markís court at Lancien. Mark left a message to Tristan and Isolde, who were living in exile in the forest of Morois, on the cross.

    9. Red Cross

      A landmark visited by Hector, Lionel, Erec, and the Ugly Hero during their adventures.

    10. Red Cross Knight

      Representative of holiness in Spenserís The Faerie Queene. He carried a shield with a bloody red cross on it.

      He was commissioned by Gloriana, the Fairy Queen, to accompany Una to the kingdom of her parents and deliver them from a dragon that was scourging their land. On the way, he was tricked by the evil sorcerer Archimago into believing Una a wanton, and he abandoned her.

      He became infatuated with Duessa, a witch in the guise of a beautiful maiden named Fidessa. He drank from a magic fountain which made him weak, allowing the giant Orgoglio to throw him in a dungeon. Una sought and obtained the help of Prince Arthur, who killed Orgoglio, exposed Duessa, and freed the Red Cross Knight. Eventually, they reached Unaís land and the Red Cross Knight slew the dragon in a three-day battle. The Red Cross Knight and Una were betrothed.

      In a later adventure, the Red Cross Knight joined the warrior maiden Britomart at the Castle Joyous. It is revealed late in Spenserís poem that the Red Cross Knight is St. George, the patron saint of England.

    11. Red Forest

      A wood inhabited by the Red Knight. Arthur challenged the Red Knight for proper ownership of the Red Forest. Arthur's Sir Meriadoc decided the issue in Arthur's favor, but persuaded Arthur to relinquish his claim.

    12. Red Giant

      A giant who killed Aliban of the Waste City, Perceval's uncle. Alain, Perceval's father, avenged Aliban by slaying the Red Giant, but he received a mortal wound in the process.

    13. Red Knight

      The knight who stole a valuable cup from Arthur's court but was pursued, caught and killed by Gawain (or Percivale).

    14. Red Knight

      True name Sir Perimones, he was defeated by Gareth.

    15. Red Knight
      Sir Ironside, the Red Knight of the Red Lands

      He was besieging Lyonesse when Gareth came to relieve that lady, and duly defeated him.

    16. Red Knight

      A title given to Gawain in Perlevaus.

    17. Red Knight

      A knight of Arthur's court who was defeated by the Great Fool.

    18. Red Knight

      A king from Montescler (Montesclaire) who participated in Arthur's tournament at the Castle of Maidens, and was defeated in joust by Tristan.

    19. Red Knight

      The nickname of Count Hojir of Mannesvelt, because of his crimson hair and beard.

    20. Red Knight

      An alias of Lord Raolais, an enemy of Arthur.

    21. Red Knight

      The name adopted by Sir Pelleas, after Gawain's treachery and news of Guinevere's infidelity drove him insane and turned him into a marauder. He sent an insulting message to Arthur, and Arthur was forced to rally forces against him.

    22. Red Knight of the Forest of Quinqueroi
      Knight of the Red Shield

      A knight who offended King Arthur. [More]

    23. Red Knight of the Cliff
      Rous de la Faloise

      A knight who was slain by Gawain while attempting to kidnap the Maiden of the Harp.

    24. Red Knight of the Deep Forest

      A knight who killed Percevalís cousin and was slain by Perceval in return. The Red Knightís comrade was a pet lion whom Perceval also killed.

    25. Red Knight of the Forest of Shadows

      Father of the knight Clamadoz of the Shadows, and brother of Cahot the Red. The two brothers were both killed by Perceval.

    26. Red Knight of the Perilous Valley
      Roux de Val Perilleus

      A traitorous relative of Arthur who, hearing that Arthur was away on adventures, invaded the land of Cardigan and captured Arthurís castle at Disnadaron (Dinasdaron). Arthur eventually rallied his forces and marched on the city, and the Red Knight fled, intending to fortify himself in his impregnable castle in the Perilous Valley. He was intercepted along the way by Gawain and Meriadeuc. Meriadeuc defeated him and forced him to surrender to Arthur.

    27. Red Knight of the Red Forest

      British knight who was challenged by Arthur for ownership of the Red Forest. Sir Meriadoc defeated the Red Knight in combat and decided the issue in Arthurís favor, but convinced Arthur to return the Red Forest to the Red Knight.

    28. Red Knight of the Red Lands

      The alias of Sir Ironside, a knight who besieged Lyonesse until he was defeated in combat by Gareth. Like Gawain, his strength waxed and waned with the sun.

    29. Red Mountain

      During a quest to find Lancelot, Gawain visited the Hermit of the Red Mountain, who directed him to the North Wales Causeway, a bridge to Sorelois.

    30. Red Olive Tree

      The location of a hermitage visited by Lancelot and Perceval during the Grail Quest. Lancelot had some disturbing dreams, signifying the sin of his affair with Guinevere, in which he was wounded in the thigh. Perceval was able to cure the wound. Lancelot made a full confession of his sins to Perceval and the hermit.

    31. Red Rose Knight

      The title given to Tom a'Lincoln, the illegitimate son of Arthur and Angelica, during his years as an outlaw.

    32. Red Sea

      The body of water between Egypt and Arabia. The otherwordly realm where Arthur went to dwell with Morgan is placed near here in the fourteenth-century French poem Le batard de Bouillon.

      In Wigalois the land of Jeraphin was next to the Red Sea.

    33. Red Stone
      Petrone Vermiglio

      A holy site on the island of Matufer off the coast of Cornwall. Anyone who touched the stone could only tell the truth. Mark brought Isolde there to discover the truth about her affair with Tristan.

      Tristan, disguised as a pilgrim and a madman, grabbed Isolde and kissed her in front of everyone. Then, Isolde was able to swear that no one had used her body basely except Mark, the "pilgrim", and the "madman".

    34. Red Tower

      A pagan stronghold.

      The Lord of the Red Tower captured Gawain and tried to make him fight a lion, unarmed, but Gawain was rescued by Meliot of Logres.

    35. Red Tower

      The stronghold of Partinal, Perceval's uncle.

    36. Red Tower Bridge

      A bridge built by Argan in rage after having been twice cuckolded, by Uther Pendragon and Sir Hector.

      It was built near the castle known as Utherís Shame. Any knight who defeated its guardian had to assume the position himself; these unlucky victors included Tor and Hoel. Finally, Hoel, Kay, and Kehedin (Kahedins) defeated the fours sons of Argan and ended the custom.

    37. Red Wolf-Tread

      The horse belonging to Arthurís warrior Gilbert.