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Arthurian Clubs

Arthurian clubs and societies exist in various parts of the world, dedicated to the study, appreciation, and promotion of Arthurian literature, legends, and related topics. These clubs often bring together enthusiasts, scholars, writers, and artists who share a common interest in all things Arthurian.

Whilte the specific activities and focus areas may vary from club to club, here are some examples of Arthurian clubs around the world:

  • The International Arthurian Society (IAS)
    Founded in 1949, the IAS is one of the oldest and most prominent scholarly organizations dedicated to the study of Arthurian literature and culture. It promotes research, publications, conferences, and collaboration among scholars worldwide. The society publishes the academic journal Arthuriana and hosts international conferences on Arthurian studies.
  • The International Arthurian Society, British Branch (IASBB)
    This branch of the International Arthurian Society is based in the United Kingdom and focuses on fostering scholarship and research into Arthurian literature, history, and culture. It organizes conferences, seminars, and publications to facilitate the exchange of ideas amongs scholars and enthusiasts.
  • The Oxford Arthurian Society | England
    The Oxford Arthurian Society is a renowned academic organization dedicated to the study of Arthurian literature, legend and culture. It is affiliated with the University of Oxford in England. The society provides a platform for scholars, students, and enthusiasts to engage in discussions, lectures, conferences, and other events related to Arthurian studies. It welcomes members from both within and outside the University of Oxford who share an interest in the Arthurian world.
  • The Société Internationale des Amis de Merlin (SIAM) | France
    SIAM is dedicated to the study and celebration of Merlin, one of the most iconic figures in Arthurian legend. The society explores Merlin’s role in literature, folklore, and popular culture through conferences, exhibitions, and publications. It also promotes research into the historical and mythical aspects of Merlin’s character.
  • The Arthurian Society of Greece
    This society promotes interest in Arthurian legends and their cultural significance among Greek enthusiasts and scholars. It hosts lectures, workshops, and cultural events focused on Arthurian themes, as well as collaborates with international organizations to facilitate scholarly exchange and collaboration.
  • The Arthurian Society of Denmark
    Dedicated to the exploration and appreciation of Arthurian literature and folklore, this society in Denmark organizes events, seminars, and study groups for enthusiasts of all ages. It also supports research projects and publications related to Arthurian topics and maintains a network of members interested in Arthurian studies.
  • The Arthurian Society of Belgium
    This society brings together individuals interested in Arthurian legends, mythology, and history. It hosts discussions, film screenings, and educational activities to promote awareness and understanding of Arthurian themes within the Belgian community. The society also collaborates with other European organizations to exchange ideas and resources.
  • The Camelot Society | United Kingdom
    Based in the UK, the Camelot Society is a society for enthusiasts of Arthurian literature, history, and culture. It organizes lectures, discussions, readings, and social events related to Arthurian topics. The society also publishes newsletters and maintains a library of Arthurian books and resources.
  • The New England Arthurian Association (NEAA) | USA
    Established in the United States, the NEAA is dedicated to promoting the study and appreciation of Arthurian literature, art, and folklore. The association hosts conferences, workshops, and public events featuring presentations by scholars, writers, and artists. It also publishes a newsletter and facilitates networking among members.
  • The Arthurian Society | Australia
    Based in Australia, the Arthurian Society is a community of enthusiasts and scholars interested in Arthurian legends and their cultural significance. The society organizes events such as film screenings, book discussions, and themed parties celebrating Arthurian themes. It also supports research and education related to Arthurian literature and history.
  • The Round Table: The Canadian Foundation for the Literary Arts
    This organization is dedicated to promoting literacy and literary appreciation through the study and dissemination of Arthurian literature. It supports educational programs, literary festivals, and public outreach initiatives centered on Arthurian themes. The Round Table also sponsors writing contests and awards to encourage creativity and scholarship in Arthurian studies.
  • The King Arthur Society of Wisconsin (KASW) | USA
    Founded in the United States, the KASW is a group of enthusiasts and scholars who gather to explore and celebrate the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The society hosts meetings, lectures, film screenings, and field trips to sites of Arthurian interest. It also maintains a website and online forum for members to share resources and engage in discussions.

Arthurian Clubs in the Baltic Region

For several centuries, during the later Middle Ages and beyond, an Arthurian cult flourished in a number of Baltic towns, including Danzig, Riga, Culm, and Elbing.

The documents that remain from the period are not literary texts but rather charters and lists of rules for the societies (known by a variety of names, such as Artushof or Societas Arturi), which were a combination of a social or fraternal organization with a merchants’ exchange.

Among the activities of the clubs were annual festivities (in presumed imitation of Arthur’s court), during which members dressed in chivalric costumes and held tournaments.

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