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Siege of Thong Castle

Siege of Tong Castle

The Siege of Thong Castle is a legendary event mentioned in the Arthurian tradition. The story is part of the historical and legendary accounts compiled in works like Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae and Nennius’s Historia Brittonum.

According to the Arthurian narrative, the siege of Thong Castle (Thongceaster) occurred during the conflict between Vortimer, and his father Vortigern, who was depicted as a controversial and treacherous ruler. Vortigern is often blamed for inviting the Saxons to Britain and allowing them to settle, leading to a series of invasions and conflicts with the native Britons.

The legendary account suggests that Vortimer, driven by a desire to protect Britain from the Saxons and to challenge his father’s misrule, laid siege to Thong Castle, where Vortigern had taken refuge. Thong Castle, also called Tong Castle, is described as a stronghold or residence where Vortigern sought safety during the conflict.

The siege of Thong Castle is presented as a dramatic and pivotal moment in the struggle for power and the defense of Britain. Vortimer’s actions against his father were seen as justifiable and necessary to safeguard the Britons from the Saxon threat and Vortigern’s alleged mismanagement.