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Ugly Appearance

Laide Semblance

In the Livre d’Artus, there lies an enthraling tale known as the “Ugly Apperance,” attributed to the ingenuity of Judas Maccabeus. This gripping narrative unfolds within the rich tapestry of Arthurian legend, where a monstrous creature, capable of turning men to stone with its malevolent gaze, terrorizes the realm of the Wise Lady.

It falls upon the courageous knight Greu to confront this formidable foe and liberate the land from its oppressive grip. Guided by the sage counsel of Merlin, Greu embarks on a perilous quest, facing unimaginable challenges along the way. With unwavering resolve, Greu ultimately triumphs over the creature, and Merlin banishing it into the depths of Satellie and restoring peace to the realm.

Across the annals of German romances penned by Der Pleier, echoes of this epic encounter resonate in the form of the demon Vulganus and his sinister head. Through valor and determination, Arthur’s knights navigate treacherous paths and confront daunting adversaries, embodying the timeless ideals of bravery and honor that define the Arthurian legacy.

Le Livre d’Artus | Early 13th century