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Adan of Alarie

The Arabian count of Alarie.

At a battle in Damascus, Adan was captured by King Roaz of Glois, who had slain Adan’s three brothers. As Roaz’s prisoner, Adan was assigned to guard the gates of Roaz’s castle. He was freed from this service when Wigalois (Gawain’s son) journeyed to Glois and killed Roaz. In gratitude, Adan swore fealty to Wigalois and was baptized.

He joined Wigalois in a war against King (or Prince) Lion of Namur, in which Adan’s granddaughter, the knight Marnie, was killed by Duke Galopear of Greece. Adan avenged her death by slaying Galopear.

Wigalois | Wirnt von Grafenberg, early 13th century