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Adragain the Brown

Adragain the Dark
Adragain li Bruns, Adragan, Adragais le Brun, Adragains, Adragein, Adrageins, Adragenis, Agrauein, Agraueins, Agravadain, Dragain, Dragains li Bruns

Adragain is an early Knight of the Round Table who first served Uther Pendragon. He came from the Black Isle.

He fought for Arthur in the early wars against King Rions (Ryons) and the Saxons, and he helped Sir Aglovale defend the Waste Land when Agrippe (Rions’ uncle) invaded.

After kings Ban and Bors were defeated by King Claudas, Adragain visited Britain, where he reproached Arthur for not coming to the aid of Ban and Bors as he had promised earlier, when they had crossed the Channel to help him against the rebel kings. King Uriens honored Adragain for the sake of his brother Mador de la Porte (or Mador the Black).

On his way to Britain, Adragain visited Elaine of Benwick and Evaine in the Royal Minster, telling Elaine that her son Lancelot was safe, happy among friends. Adragain was in a position to know, being an uncle of Seraide, a damsel of the French Lady of the Lake.

Adragain became a hermit or black friar in Benoic (Benoye), France.

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