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Died 464 or 465

Ruler of the Kingdom of Soissons AD 461-464/465.

From the year of 458 he was magister militum per Gallias (Master of the Soldiers of Gaul). The Historia Francorum calls him twice magister militum (Master of Soldiers). Gregory on the other hand describes him as rex (king) of the Franks.

Different sources gives him different titles:

  • Liber Historiae Francorum calls him initially rex, and later as principem Romanorum (the Roman emperor).
  • Liber Historiae Francorum, version A, calls him Romanorum rex (King of the Romans)
  • Liber Historiae Francorum, version B, calls him Romanorum tirannus (Roman tyrant), implying he was a usurper.
  • Chronicle of Fredegar calls him comes (count).

Jacques de Guyse (1334-1399) was a Franciscan historian and claims Arthur flourished when Aegidius ruled Gaul. Philippe de Vignelles (sixteenth century) suggests that Aegidius was in frequent contact with Arthur.

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