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The name of Percivale’s sister in Tavola ritonda.

She accompanied PercevalBors, and Galahad during a portion of the Grail Quest. She provided a girdle, fashioned from her own hair, for Galahad’s Sword with the Strange Hangings. The questers visited the castle Aspetta Ventura, where the castle’s lady, Verdoana, was dying of leprosy. It was said that only the blood of a pure virgin could cure Verdoana, and she asked for some of Agresizia’s blood for this purpose.

After Galahad, Perceval, and Bors fought valiantly but in vain with the castles knights, Agresizia consented to provide the blood and died during the bleeding. Perceval buried her in the holy city of Sarras.

Agresizia’s character appears in the same context, but is unnamed, in the Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal and its successors. Perceval’s sister is known as Dindrane (Dindraine) in Perlesvaus.

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