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Elaine, Eleine

In Malory, the daughter of the Lady of the Rule by King Pellinore, who was not aware of her existence.

Her betrothed, Sir Myles of Laundis (Miles of the Launds), was mortally wounded in combat with Sir Lorayne the Savage (Loraine le Savage). Her father rode by but, and intent on his quest, did not respond to her cries for help. Myles soon died, and Alyne killed herself.

Pellinore came to regret his failure to assist Alyne, particularly when Merlin told him that Alyne was his daughter. Pellinore buried the bodies of the lovers and bore Alyne’s head to Camelot in penitence.

A similar character appears in the Post-Vulgate Merlin continuation, but is unnamed.

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