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Amoroldo of Ireland


The Italian version of Morholt, the Irish giant slain by Tristan. In La Tavola Ritonda, the name is also given to Morholt’s son, Golistant, when Tristan knighted him and bestowed the kingdom of Ireland upon him.

The younger Amoroldo took a queen named Vermiglia, and developed a vast kingdom that included parts of EnglandLogresAquitaine (Aquitain), and Gaul. Arthur eventually made him a Knight of the Round Table.

He went to war with King Alois of North Wales over a castle called Lerlinte, enlisting Tristan as his champion, while Alois retained the services of LancelotArthur brokered a peace, but Alois renewed the war after the Grail Quest. In this second campaign, Amoroldo was slain by Lancelot.

His name Amoroldino is Italian for Marhaus, and the name is used for both father and son in the Italian romance.

La Tavola Ritonda | 1325-1350