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Angharhad Golden-Hand

Angharad, Angharaf, Angharat

In the Welsh tale of Peredur, a lady at Arthur’s court; in Thomas Hughes’ play The Misfortunes of Arthur, Guinevere’s sister. 

Peredur relates how the hero fell in love with her, and vowed not to speak to any Christian man until Angharad professed to love him. For this, he was nicknamed the Mute Knight. Later, Angharad saw Peredur defeat a strong knight in joust. She did not know Peredur’s identity, but she went to him and told him she loved him for his knightly prowess. At this, Peredur revealed himself and was able to talk to his companions again.

Lady Guest, in her edition of the Mabinogion, suggests that Angharhad’s epithet indicated generosity.

In Hughes’ play, Angharad dissuades Guinevere from suicide after the latter has learned that Arthur is returning to Britain to deal with Mordred’s treason.

Peredur | 13th century
The Misfortunes of Arthur | Thomas Hughes, 1587