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Annlawdd Wledig

“Annlawdd the Ruler”
Amlawdd, Anlawd, Anllawdd

The name of this prince occurs in the pedigrees as being father of Tywynwedd the mother of Tyvrydog mab Arwystli Gloff. Tyvrydog was a saint who flourished in the sixth century. In the pedigrees, Tywynwedd is mentioned as the mother of Caradawc Vreichvras, of Gwyn ab Nudd, and Gwallawc ab Lleenawg.

Rolleston, however, alters the normal relationships within the genealogy, and makes Anlawdd the father of YspaddaddenCustennin and Goleuddydd. He is also said to be the father of Goleuddydd and Rieingulid who were, respectively, the mothers of Arthur’s cousins, Culhwch and Illtyd. Anlawdd’s wife was called Gwen or Gwenn.

Eigyr – (the fair Ygraine (Igraine) of romance – and mother of King Arthur, is likewise said to have been the daughter of Anlawdd, by Gwen (or Gwenn), the daughter of Cunedda Wledig. This explains the relationship between Kilhwch (Culhwch) and Arthur.

The word wledig is a title meaning, roughly, ‘chief’, perhaps used as a Celtic translation of the Latin title protector, and would appear to indicate the person’s position within the community.

Culhwch and Olwen | Late 11th century