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Agrais, Antragais, Autragais, Enragais, Entagais, Outragais

A large knight encountered by Lancelot on his first quest, which was to defend the Lady of Nohaut against an invader.

Lancelot wished to steal a glance at Antoagais’s lady, but Antoagais refused to let him into her tent. Lancelot fought him for this right, and Antoagais was miserably defeated.

Lancelot took his lady after making Antoagais promise to never fight anyone again except in self-defense. Lancelot later learned that the encounter had been arranged by the Lady of Nohaut in order to test the young Lancelot’s prowess.

Lancelot do Lac | 1215-1220
Vulgate Lancelot | 1215-1230