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Two entries with the name Antonio.


A knight slain by Tristan during a tournament in Ireland.

Antonio’s son later encountered Tristan in Cornwall, and tried to slay him with a poisoned arrow. He succeeded only in wounding Tristan, who slew him for the deed.

The knight is named only in the Italian La Tavola Ritonda, though this episode appears in the Prose Tristan and in Malory’s version.

La Tavola Ritonda | 1325-1350


Antoine, Antony

A bishop from Ireland or Wales who became one of Merlin’s scribes/secretary in Continental romance.

Vita di Merlino con le Sue Profetie | c. 1480
Les Prophecies de Merlin | Richart d’Irlande, 1272-1279
La Storia di Merlino | Paolino Pieri, c. 1300-1305