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Apollo of Lyonesse


The first king of Lyonesse, descended from Alexander the Great. He was Tristan’s great-great-great grandfather.

The son of Sador (son of Bron) and Chelinde, he was abandoned in the forest as an infant by Canor, his step-father, and was found and raised by Sir Nichoraut of Cornwall and his wife Madule. He grew up to be a good knight but, in a tragic Oedipal situation, he unknowingly killed his father Sador and married his mother Chelinde.

St. Augustine converted Apollo to Christianity and revealed these facts to him. Chelinde was killed by a lightning bolt while attempting to murder St. Augustine. Apollo re-married Gloriande and had a son named Candaces, who succeeded him.

Apollo was killed by Anzilere, son of the King of Cornwall, who desired his wife.

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