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Aramont of Brittany

Aramons, Atramont, Hoel

The King of Brittany in the time of Uther Pendragon.

He was the overlord of Gannes, Benoic (Benwick), and surrounding lands, but King Claudas of Bourges refused to acknowledge him. Aramont went to war with Claudas, but Claudas drew on his allies from Gaul and managed to stalemate Aramont.

Aramont then allied with Uther, and together the two kings smashed Claudas, turning his country into a wasteland. After Aramont’s death, Claudas returned and waged war on Benoic and Gannes.

Aramont was also known as Hoel and might be identical with Hoel of Brittany. It is unclear whether he is identical with Faramon from the Tristan legends.

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