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Belacane of Zazamanc


The infidel Queen of Zazamanc and first wife of Perceval’s father Gahmuret.

She had first been loved by a lord named Isenhart. When he died in a combat against a prince named Prothizilas for her love, her kingdom was invaded by Isenhart’s friends and allies (led by Vridebrant of Scotland). She faced imminent defeat until the arrival of the noble Gahmuret who beat back the offenders.

Ignoring the color of her skin, Gahmuret fell in love with Belacane and married her. They had one pie-bald child named Feirefiz. Eventually, Gahmuret tired of domestic life, abandoned Belacane, and returned to Britain. Belacane soon died of sorrow.

Parzival | Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1200-1210