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The magical son of Hudibras, the founder of the hot springs and temples at Bath and a great master of the Druidic arts, including necromancy and magical flight.

The association between Bladud and the Druidic arts possibly draws on Welsh or Breton bardic tradition. He is again mentioned in the Vita Merlini as a guardian of therapeutic springs and wells.

According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, king of Britain in the ninth or tenth century BC. He was the son of King Hudibras and the father of King Lear. During his reign, he founded the city of Bath and spread teachings of sorcery throughout Britain. He was killed while attempting to fly.

It’s also said he was directly ascended from Aeneas and Brutus, as well as an ancestor of King Arthur.

Historia Regum Britanniae | Geoffrey of Monmouth, c. 1138