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Bamague, Banaigue, Bannagues, Bavaigne, Bermagne, Bonegue, Bradeagne, Brainague, Bramagnes, Bramague, Bramangue, Brandague, Brandegue, Branegue, Brangue, Branmague, Brannague, Brannaguez, Brantague, Brodagne, Brodague

Saxon king who, with other rulers, invaded Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reign. He ruled parts of Denmark and Ireland.

After suffering a defeat at Saxon Rock, Bramangue commanded plundering parties and ordered the siege of Vambieres. His sons, HaramOrient, and Daril, also contributed to the invasion.

He was slain by Sir Sagremor (Sagramore), either at Vambieres or on the the River Vargonche.

Vulgate Merlin | 1220-1235
Le Livre d’Artus | Early 13th century
Arthour and Merlin | Late 13th century