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Cales, Calle, Gale, Gaule, Kale, Kalle, Kallés, Kalles

The wealthy Duke Calles wanted to settle half his land on his daughter upon her marriage. When his three (or six) sons opposed the idea, he disinherited them in favor of his daughter. They surprised her husband in a wood and murdered him, then seized many of the Duke’s castles.

GarethGaheris, and Agravaine arrived at the castle in which the Duke’s sons were besieging their own father, and entered on the side of Calles and his nephews. The first day they fought Gareth killed one of the sons.

Lancelot and Lionel arrived in company with “Ornagrine” (Maiden of Many Years?), and Calles almost prevailed, but Lancelot and Lionel, who had been deceived by the Maiden of Many Years and Calles’ sons, allied with the sons. Calles was slain by Lancelot.

The Vulgate gives him six sons, one daughter, one brother, and four nephews.

Vulgate Lancelot | 1215-1230