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Kalegras, Kanelangres

The surname of Tristan’s father, Rivalin, in Gottfried von Strassburg’s Tristan, from Rivalin’s capital city of Canoel. In the Norse Tristan sagas, the name is the only one given to Tristan’s father.

The Icelandic Saga af Tristram ok Ísodd says that he was the son of Patrocles and that he served King Hlöòvir of Spain. According to this latter tale, he fell in love with Blenzibly, the sister of Mórodd, with whom he had Tristan.

He returned to Spain to defend it against two invading kings named Seran and Desixtus. He won the war, but received a mortal wound.

Tristan | Gottfried von Strassburg, early 13th century
Tristrams Saga ok Ísöndar | 1226