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Caradoc Shortarm


The King of Estrangorre, Scotland, or Galencie who appears first in the non-cyclical Lancelot, and whose story is expanded by the Vulgate Cycle and by Malory.

He was the father of King Aguisant of Scotland. The Vulgate Merlin says that he married one of Arthur’s half-sisters, although in another source, he is named as Arthur’s nephew and is married to Queen Catanance of Ireland.

He was a Knight of the Round Table during Uther’s regin, but he revolted against Arthur when the young king first came to power. After Caradoc (with the other rebellious leaders) was defeated by Arthur at Caerleon and Bedegraine, his land was invaded by Saxons, and he had to swear fealty to Arthur in order to expel them. Later, as a Knight of the Round Table again, he fought in Arthur’s wars against Rome, King Claudas, King Mark of Cornwall, Lancelot, and Mordred. At the battle of Salisbury, he joined in combat with Mordred’s King Heliades, and each was mortally wounded.

Though he bears the same name (and, likely, the same etymology) as Caradoc Shortarm of the Livre de Caradoc, his character shows no other similarities.

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