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Hero of the Italian Cantari di Carduino, a Fair Unknown story. After the jealous knight Aguerisse (Gareth or Gaheris) murdered Carduino’s noble father by poison, Dondinello (Dodinel), his mother raised him in a remote forest and tried to keep him from becoming a knight. Enticed by the sight of a group of knights, however, Carduino left home for Arthur’s court.

In subsequent adventures, he avenged his father’s murder and freed a city from a sorcerer’s hold, where the Queen and her subjects had been turned into animals. Carduino slew the wizard and restored Queen Beatrice to her former shape by kissing her, and they got married.

The account of Carduino’s youth hints of Perceval’s childhood, while his later adventures bear a resemblance to the story of Guinglain.

I Cantari di Carduino | c. 1370