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After rescuing the unnamed damsel, here called “Clarisin”, Sir Gaheris tried to get her to go to bed with him. She argued him down, pointing out that he already had a sweetheart, the Damoiselle de la Blanche Lande, in that country; that

woman are easily conquered, and therefore the wrong is all the greater to deceive them, and will bring you more shame than honour;

and that she already loved another knight and wished to remain true. At last Gaheris admitted she was right and stopped trying to seduce her.

I have borrowed the named for this woman from Malory V, 12. Arthur is besieging a stubborn city in Tuscany:

Then came out a duchess, and Clarisin the countess, with many ladies and damosels, and kneeling before King Arthur, required him for the love of God to receive the city, and not take it by assault, for then should many guiltless be slain.

Arthur promised the ladies safety, “but the duke shall abide my judgement”. Thus the town was surrenderd without further bloodshed, but Arthur sent the duke of the Tuscan city to Dover as a life prisoner.