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Cundrie la Surziere

‘Cundrie the Sorceress’

A sorceress, learned in star lore, who served as messenger for the Grail family in Wolfram’s Parzival.

She spoke all languages and had mastered the sciences. She came from a race of men with boar-like features that lived in an area near the River Ganges in the kingdom of Tribalibot. Cundrie and her brother, Malcreatiure, were sent by Queen Secundille of Tribalibot to Anfortas, the Grail King, as servants.

Cundrie went to Arthur’s court and berated Perceval for failing to ask the Grail Question during his first visit to the Grail Castle. After Perceval proved himself worthy of a second chance, Cundrie led him back to the Grail Castle for the completion of the quest.

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