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The Hound of Belinus
Cunobelin, Cunobeline, Cunobelinus, Cymbeline, Cynfelyn, Kynobellinus

Son of Tenuantius and King of the Catuvellauni and High King of the British in the south of Britain, who ruled at the time of the Roman conquest in 43 AD. He appears to have taken power around the year 9 AD and ruled for thirty years in peace.

He is known from mentions by classical historians like Dio Cassius and Suetonius, and from his many inscribed coins. He is called “Britannorum Rex” (‘King of the Britons’) by Seuetonius. He appears in British legend as Cynfelyn.

His son, Guiderius, succeeded him. In Welsh tradition he is a relation of Arthur.

‘The Tragedie of Cymbeline’ is the name used by Shakespeare for a play, based on the legends around Cunobelinus.