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Welsh: Cynfawr

An historical ancient ruler of Cornwall and Brittany in the sixth century AD, who is named on a Cornish tombstone as the father of “Drustanus”, a version of “Tristan”. Warned that one of his sons would kill him, Cunomorus murdered each of his wives as soon as they announced that they were pregnant.

However, one wife, Trephina, the daughter of Warok, chief of the Venetii, managed to avoid him until after she had given birth to Judwal or Tremeur. Cunomorus then had her decapitated, and her son exposed and left to die. Gildas restored Trephina to life and sent her back to the castle with her head neatly tucked under her arm. The battlements promptly fell on Cunomorus and killed him.

In Wrmonoc’s Life of St. Paul Aurelian, Cunomorus is identified with King Mark of the Tristan legends, or that Cunomorus at least contributed to the tyrannical aspect of Mark.

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