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Damsel of La Beale Regard

This unnamed damsel, rightful heir to the castle La Beale Regard, was cousin to both Morgan le Fay and the Earl of Pase. Morgan appropriated La Beale Regard and brought Alisander le Orphelin there with intent to seduce him. To foil Morgan, the damsel sent a request to the Earl of Pase, who hated Morgan, to come and destroy the castle with wildfire, which he did, while the damsel helped Alisander to escape by a privy postern, where she had his horse and harness ready for him. Since Alisander had promised Morgan to stay there a year, he waited in the garden while the castle was destroyed and then returned to defend his former bedroom against all comers.

Alice la Beale Pilgrim came to the place and fell in love with him. The damsel of La Beale Regard, who might be considered as having a prior claim on Alisander, appears to have taken this in good humor and even, possibly, to have helped the romance along; at least, she did not hinder it.

One day Alisander went into a fit of being besotted on his lady, a sort of occupational hazard of being both knight and lover. While Alisander was in this helpless state, Mordred came along and started to mock him by leading his horse away. When the damsel of La Beale Regard saw this,

anon she let arm her, and set a shield upon her shoulder, and therewith she mounted upon his horse, and gat a naked sword in her hand, and she thrust unto Alisander with all her might, and she gave him such a buffet that he thought the fire flew out of his eyen.

This brought him out of his trance and enabled him to rout Mordred. One pictures him saying,

Thanks - I needed that.

But then Sir Alisander and Alice had good game at the damosel, how sadly she hit him upon the helm.

The damsel of La Beale Regard’s knowledge and skill in arming herself and using a sword to such good advantage suggest her as a possible female warrior.