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Degravant, Degreevant, Degrevance, Degrevans, Degrevaund, Degrivaunce, Degrivuant, Degryvaunt, Egrivaunt

A Knight of the Round Table who is the hero of the Middle English Sir Degrevant. Described as Arthur’s nephew, his name may derive from a corruption of Agravain.

While Degrevant participated in a crusade, his neighbor, Earl Sere, invaded and ravaged his lands. Upon receiving word of this invasion, Degrevant returned and defeated the earl in combat. At the earl’s castle, Degrevant met and fell in love with Melidor, the earl’s daughter. He defeated the Duke of Gerle, one of Melidor’s suitors.

Degrevant and Melidor enjoyed a year-long secret romance before the earl learned of the affair and tried to ambush Degrevant. The plot failed, and in the aftermath the earl decided to reconcile with the knight. Degrevant and Melidor married and had thirty years together before Melidor died. Degrevant then returned to the crusades, in which he perished.

Malory mentions him among the knights present at Lancelot’s healing of Sir Urry (Urre of Hungary).

Sir Degrevant | c. 1400
Le Morte Darthur | Sir Thomas Malory, 1469-1470