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Demons of Pesme Avanture

Offspring of a human woman and a goblin (I am not sure what word D.D.R. Owen translates as “goblin,” but he seems to use it and “devil” synonymously), they served – or, perhaps, ruled – the castle, lands, and lord of Pesme Avanture by fighting every knight who came, two to one.

They ransomed the young king of the Isle of Maidens at the cost of an annual tribute of thirty maids, who were forced into slave labor in the textile industry. Whether or not the demons treated any other adventuring rulers in like fashion, most of the opponents they simply killed; this was called

the custom of the castle.

They were giants as well as demons, dark and ugly, each one armored from shoulder to knee and armed with a light but strong round shield and a jagged, copper-covered, brassbound club of cornelwood.

On seeing Ywaine, they insisted he shut his lion in a small room, which he finally did under protest. The loyal beast broke out and got one giant down. The other turned to help his brother, and Ywaine, showing more practicality than chivalry, seized the chance to lop off his head from behind. The downed brother then owned himself vanquished; Chrétien seems to imply that the lion had wounded him mortally.

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