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Drian the Gay

“the Merry,” “the Gay”
Adrian, Andeus, Briant, Diras, Doanz, Drians de la Forest, Drians Forest Salvage, Drians li Gais de la Forest Perilleuse, Drians li Gaiz, Drias, Driens, Traiiens, Trians

A knight from the Wild Forest or Perilous Forest who helped fight the Saxons and the rebellious kings in the early days of Arthur’s reign. He was called “the Merry” or “the Gay.” His father was Trahan the Gay, the lord of the Gay Castle, and his brother was Melian the Gay.

He was wounded by Caradoc of the Dolorous Tower, and was imprisoned in a coffin from which only the best knight could remove him. Those who failed had to fight Caradoc, and Caradoc’s prison population thus rose dramatically. Lancelot managed to pull him from the coffin and later defeat Caradoc.

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