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Father of the dwarf Druidain.

In the romance La Vengeance Raguidel, Drulias is not explicitly described as a dwarf. Instead, Drulias is depicted as a supernatural being known as a “mauvais faë” or “evil fairy.” These faës are malevolent creatures in Arthurian literature, often associated with mischief and deception.

While Drulias shares some characteristics with dwarves, such as being small in stature, the text does not specifically identify him as such. Instead, Drulias is portrayed as a formidable adversary who uses his magical powers to oppose the protagonist, Raguidel, and advance his own nefarious agenda.

It’s worth noting that Arthurian literature is vast and varied, with different authors and versions presenting their own interpretations of characters and themes. In some versions of the Arthurian legend, dwarves may appear under different names or fulfill distinct roles within the narrative. However, in La Vengeance Raguidel, Drulias is primarily depicted as an evil fairy rather than a traditional dwarf character.

La Vengeance Raguidel | Raoul, possibly Raoul de Houdenc, early 13th century