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Duke Rochedon

Rocedon, Rocedone, Rochedom, Roedon, Rotedun

In Malory, Lancelot was imprisoned by Morgan le Fay and the Queen of Sorestan, and is released from Castle Chariot (Cart Castle) by King Bagdemagus’ daughter. In Vulgate V, this role is taken by Duke Rochedon’s daughter.

Rochedon once warred with the kingdom of Sorestan (Eastland). When peace was made, the Duke of Rochedon’s daughter, aged five years, was betrothed to the King of Sorestan’s grandson, aged six. Her parents died, and the Queen of Sorestan became her guardian.

When the damsel’s betrothed was killed, the queen refused to let her go, insisting instead that she marry her (the queen’s) brother. The damsel freed Lancelot in return for his preventing this marriage. When Lancelot returned to Castle Chariot as agreed with Rochedon’s daughter, the queen’s brother slipped away rather than fight. Lancelot forced the queen to free the damsel and restore her inheritance.

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