Eliffer of the Great War-Band, Eliffer of the Great Retinue
Efrawg, Efrog, Eladur, Elidur, Elifert, Evrawg

The father of PeredurPerceval’s counterpart in Welsh legend. He had several other sons, one of whom was named Gwrgi.

A Welsh Triad calls him ‘Eliffer of the Great Retinue’. We are told in the Annales Cambriae that his sons fought against Gwenddolau (Gwenddalou) in the battle of Arfderydd in 573, and were victorious. Layamon names him as one of Arthur’s earls.

In the Welsh story of Peredur we learn that Eliffer and most of his sons were slain in battle, prompting his wife to raise Peredur bereft of teachings about knights and battles.

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