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Escanor Le Grand

Escanor the Large

Son of a giant and a witch, brother of Alienor, and uncle of Escanor the Handsome, with whom Escanor the Large is sometimes confused.

Escanor the Large was born at the same time as Gawaine, and he shared Gawaine’s power by which his strength waxed and waned with the sun. He held an enduring hatred for Gawaine, who had once defeated him.

Appearing in L’Atre Perileux, he kidnapped Arthur’s female cupbearer while she was under Gawaine’s protection. Gawaine tracked him down and killed him in combat, rescuing the maiden. He also appears in Escanor, and held Griflet prisoner.

L’Atre Perilleux | Mid-13th century
Escanor | Girart D’Amiens, c. 1280