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Escant of Cambenic

Escan, Escam, Escaus, Escaut, Estas, Eustace, Eustas, Oscan

The Duke or Earl of Cambenic in the early days of Arthur’s reign.

With a number of other kings, he revolted against Arthur. Eustace pledged 5,000 mounted men to the first rebellion and fought in the battle of Bedegraine where he suffered a defeat. The rebellion was eventually curtailed by the Saxon invasions. Escant fought alongside King Clarion of Northumberland and had a few successes, but a crushing defeat at the battle of Clarence led him to ally with Arthur so that the kings could expel the Saxons for good. Escant had a hand in their defeat at the second battle of Clarence.

During the Roman War, Escant led a battalion of Arthur’s soldiers at the battle of Soissons. He may have influenced King Ekunaver of Kanadic in German romance.

Maybe he can be identifed with the “Duke Cambines” who appears at Duke Galeholt’s tournament in Surluse (Sorelois).

According to Vulgate II, this duke’s name was Escan, and Cambenic was a rich and prosperous city.

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