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The Lady of Vallone, a sorceress who loved Merlin.

She created the palace of Grande Disio in the forest of Darnantes, intending to live with Merlin there, but he banished her to the island of Avalon, and the palace fell to her daughter, Elergia. Her daughter Elergia tried to ensnare Arthur, leading to the deaths of Elergia and of Escorducarla’s four sons at the hands of Arthur and Tristan.

Escorducarla tried to exact revenge on Arthur by sending her brother, Lascanis, to Camelot with magic weapons and armor. Her plan was that Lascanis would defeat all of the Knights of the Round Table, imprison them, and burn the prison. Tristan defeated Lascanis and foiled the plan.

Escorducarla was the original owner of Petitcrieu, the lap dog that Tristan eventually presented to Isolde.

La Tavola Ritonda | 1325–1350