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Evelake of Sarras

Evalach, Evalac li Mesconneus, Evalach, Evelak, Mordrains

A king born in France in early times. He was sent to Rome as part of a tribute and afterwards went to Syria. He slew the governor’s son and fled to Babylon where he aided King Tholomer and was rewarded with land.

He became King of Sarras, and Joseph of Arimathea helped him to fight against Tholomer. Joseph then baptized him. Upon his conversion to Christianity he took the name of Mordrains and joined Joseph’s companions in Britain.

He remained alive with unhealed wounds, living only on the Sacred Host, until the knight who would obtain the Grail should come.

He had two sons, Eliezer and Grimal.

Evelake in origin may be Avalloc, father of Modron, mentioned in the Triads. Avalloc/Affalach may have been a god with some association with apples – Avalon.

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