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Fata Morgana

The Italian form of Morgan Le Fay who was believed to live in Calabria, a region of the southern Italy.

Legends concerning Morgan Le Fay, the sister of Arthur, under this name are found in Sicily, possibly being introduced by the Normans, who settled on the island.

Fata Morgana Mirage
The term “Fata Morgana” refers to a complex mirage phenomenon that can occur in various locations, including the Straits of Messina. The name is often associated with a mirage that creates the illusion of fairy castles or cities floating in the air.

A Fata Morgana is a type of superior mirage that occurs when light is refracted through air layers of different temperatures, causing distorted and magnified images to appear. This mirage can create elaborate and surreal images, such as inverted and stacked views of distant objects, giving the illusions of castles, cities, or other complex structures.

Straits of Messina
The Straits of Messina, located between the island of Sicily and the toe of the Italian mainland, are known for experiencing Fata Morgana mirages due to the temperature differences between the water and the air. The mirage can sometimes make it appear as if objects on the opposite shore are floating above the water or create fantastical illusions.