Febus of France


A famous king of France, descended from Clodoveus, who pre-dated Arthur by several generations. He was the son of King Heuderis or Crudens of Gaul. He married Florine and fathered Altan, Niatar, Lannor, Argons, and Siraouc. Guiron the Courteous was his great-grandson.

In Palamedes, Sir Breus the Pitiless literally falls into his tomb and learns his story from one of his descendants. A mighty warrior, he had a number of adventures in Logres before he fell in love with the daughter of the king of Northumberland. She at first scorned Febus’s love, and sent him on a series of near-impossible tasks, all of which he completed. He fell sick for love of the maiden, she relented and accepted him, and he died in her arms.

Palamedes | c. 1240
Febusso e Breusso | c. 1325–1335