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Galiene of Lothian

The Lady of Lothian.

While staying with her uncle at Lidel Castle, she met Arthur’s knight Fergus, and immediately fell in love with him. Distressed to discover that Fergus was planning to face the Black Knight, she returned to her own land, where she was besieged in her castle of Roucebourc by a malevolent king.

She promised Arthofilaus, the king’s nephew, a champion to fight within eight days, and then sent her lady Arondele to find one. Arondele returned with Fergus himself, who defeated Arthofilaus and the king, thus permanently sealing Galiene’s love.

Fergus disappeared shortly, but Galiene met with him again at the Gedeorde tournament, and they married soon afterwards. Arthur awarded the happy couple the lands of Lothian and Tudiele.

Fergus | Guillaume le Clerc, 1200-1233