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Gansguoter of Micholde

In Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu CrôneIgerne’s (Igraine) second husband, with whom she eloped after the death of Uther Pendragon.

Gansguoter won her through his skill at fiddling. He constructed magical palaces for his wife, stepdaughters, and nieces (Amurfina and Sgoidamur). His own castle was called Madarp.

During Gawaine’s quest to retrieve a magic bridle, Gansguoter engaged him in a beheading game and, as happens with this theme, spared Gawaine’s life. He later assisted Gawaine in a quest to recover several artifacts stolen from Arthur’s court. His sister, a goddess, aided Gawaine during his Grail Quest.

Gangsguoter is analogous to Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Clinschor (Klingsor).

Diu Crône | Heinrich von dem Türlin, c. 1230