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Gasozein of Dragoz

Appearing in Diu Crône, a powerful knight who presented himself at Arthur’s court, claiming that Guinevere actually belonged to him.

In conversation with Arthur, Guinevere had alluded to a past relationship with Gasozein, so his claim seemed to have credit. Arthur gave the matter to Guinevere, and the queen denied any knowledge of Gasozein’s ludicrous assertion. Gasozein left court in a rage.

Guinevere’s brother, Gotegrin, thought the queen had done wrong and kidnapped her. As Gotegrin was about to kill her, Gasozein himself rescued her, but the rescue became an abduction when he tried to kidnap and rape her. Gawain arrived in the midst of this, defeated Gasozein in combat, and returned him to Arthur’s court, where he admitted that he had no valid claim to the queen.

Gawain then arranged an engagement between Gasozein and Sgoidamur, Gawain’s sister-in-law.

Gasozein is found in French romance as Gaswain.

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